A Kansas City Martial Arts School Is Teaching Kids To Combat Stranger Danger

After several incidents in and around the Kansas City area involving child abductions and attempted child abductions have occurred recently, Shogun Martial Arts Center in Mission, Kansas City has started teaching a specific class to show kids how to avoid these terrible situations and, if need be, fight their way out so they can go get help. The class not only teaches children the cliche “Don’t talk to strangers” but it gives them the will and know-how to give a confident “No, thank you!” to any and all requests made by strangers in any situation.
It also shows them effective martial arts techniques, specific to individual situations, that can help them free themselves if physically confronted by a potential kidnapper. These are no PUNCH KICK BLOCK combos either. These techniques include wrist-grab escapes, vulnerable spots to strike on an adult and much more. The most important part of these lessons isn’t the techniques, however. It’s the repetition of taking multiple classes. In fact, the dojo recommends having your children take at least two if not three classes per week every week.
The man behind the class and initiative is Sensei Greg Brown and he’s certainly not joking around. He wants to help make all of the children in the neighborhood much more trouble to abduct than it’s ever worth. He’s also offering the classes at an extreme discount in order to help parents get their kids trained as quickly as possible. “You never know when some [expletive] might try and take your kid. It’s time we stopped letting it be so damn easy” said Brown. The classes are now offered four days a week including on Saturday mornings with two class offerings on each day on order to give parents the most latitude to get their kids into class while taking their busy schedules into consideration as well.