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How Martial Arts Affects The Mind

Martial arts have an amazing effect on mental concentration and self control. They are not just about losing weight or getting stronger. They can help you to improve your mind. Western psychologists have come to realize the psychological benefits of martial arts particularly due to the popularity of mixed martial arts. Martial art training embodies

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The Most Violent Types Of Martial Arts

We are currently living in a world with a lot of insecurity. Danger lurks everywhere wherever we go, whether it is along a dark alley on your way home from work or school or you are just taking an evening stroll, or perhaps there is one of your acquaintances who has a personal vendetta against

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The Meal Timing Myth…?

When I first started training, there was nothing I looked forward to more than my post-workout meal. It was the time when my muscles were starved for food. But more importantly, I thought it was a time when my body needed a massive insulin surge to take carbs and transform them into hard earned muscle.

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