Seattle Martial Arts Studio Offers Post-Election Self Defense Class For Free

A University of Washington student has worked in conjunction with MKG Seattle to start offering the class to anyone who feels they could use the self defense skills in order to feel safe in a post election. Naima Alver will host the class at instructor Andy Wilson’s MKG Seattle studio on December 3rd from 12-2. After the presidential election ended, Wilson has said that interest in his gym has increased noticeably with many people fearing reprisals for their race, gender and/or sexual orientation.
As far as Alver herself – she is a homosexual woman herself and wants anyone else who is “different” to feel safe in America with consideration to the current state of the nation. In Seattle, several swastikas have been spotted spray painted on several pieces of public property in the past several months thus heightening the public’s concern for their safety from extremist groups.
So far Seattle Police have not noticed any up-trend in violent crime since the election but Alver want’s everyone to be prepared just in case. Alver has stated “I think people are trying to come together in a way to make it through these next four years.” The class will be open to anyone but has a limited number of spots be sure to visit MKG Seattle’s website for more information.