The Most Violent Types Of Martial Arts

We are currently living in a world with a lot of insecurity. Danger lurks everywhere wherever we go, whether it is along a dark alley on your way home from work or school or you are just taking an evening stroll, or perhaps there is one of your acquaintances who has a personal vendetta against you and is seeking payback, you run a risk of running into the wrong people. It is better to be safe than sorry, they say, therefore it is for this reason that people master self-defense.
Martial arts is the most common form of self defense that people master just in case they find themselves in the face of danger, a scenario where they have to apply their skills if they are to make it out alive.
While martial arts may be very useful in the case where you are facing an assailant, it is also important to note that it is equally dangerous and may result in casualties or even prove fatal. Martial arts has various sub types, each of them with different countries of origin. In this article, we shall illustrate some of the most dangerous types of martial arts known.
Sambo is a variation of martial arts that originated in Russia. Sambo is a word meaning “self defense without the use of weapons”. This form of martial arts was initially taught to government agents and Red Army. It has various sub-types including sport, combat and freestyle Sambo. Combat Sambo comprises various and different methods of grapping as well as striking. It also allows kicks, headbutts, elbows, punches and groin strikes. In freestyle Sambo, twisting foot locks as well as neck cranks are permitted. This is the type of Sambo which is mainly focused on quick ground work.
Muay Thai originated in Thailand and it translates to “The art of Eight Limbs.” Eight limbs, because in this type of martial arts, the elbows and knees are considered separate limbs and they are used to repeatedly clobber an opponent, just like a club would. Muai Thai uses techniques such as “throwing a Buffalo punch”. This is a technique that allegedly can take down an entire buffalo in a single punch. You are left guessing what it can do to a human being who is way more frail than a Buffalo.
MCMAP is a type of martial arts that originated in the United States. MCMAP stands for Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. This was a kind of martial arts that was mainly taught to Marine corps, which was incorporating the techniques they saw being used in the various countries where they fought. The members on the program, however, call this variation of martial arts “Semper Fu”. It teaches individuals how to use the bayonets, as well as the other parts of a gun as improvised weapons to fight their assailants.
Silat is another type of martial arts. Having being oppressed severally by pirates, Japanese and the British among others, Malaysia came up with this form of martial arts in a bid to put an end to the continued oppression of their people. The main goal of Silat is to quickly close in on your opponent, beat him up as much as you possibly can within a space of 10 seconds, and then finish them with a hammer blow either to the throat, kidney or face. During the training of this kind of martial arts, the trainees’ pain tolerance is increased by various violent practices like the trainers breaking bricks on their ribs or bending iron bars around their neck. Silat employs the use of one weapon, called the kris. This is a kind of knife which is wavy and is used to stab the opponent on the soft parts of his body. On the knife’s blade, a deadly neurotoxin is smelted and it is potent enough to kill within seconds even with the slightest scratch.
While all of these types of martial arts are considered deadly when correctly practiced, the deadliest known form of martial arts is Krav Maga, which originates from Israel. The Israelites developed this form of martial arts to fight against Nazi militia. Their techniques comprise a combination of brutal holds, take-downs and strikes. Their main weapon is the M-16 rifle, and they also teach a number of methods of taking a rifle from the opponent and turning it on them. The main assumption in Krav Maga is that the opponent has a hidden weapon and that their sole intent is to capture you and torture you to death. Based on this assumption, trainees are taught various killing and bone breaking techniques.
There are various other types of martial arts out there, but these are some of the deadliest, most violent variations of this most sought after of self-defense techniques.