Twelve Year Old Boy Foils Robbery With Martial Arts!

A Turkish boy in Istanbul stopped an armed robbery last week after he used his martial arts skills to disarm a robber who was trying to hold up a jewelry store. The robber walked into the store wearing a mask and proceeded to slam a bag down demanding money then removed a hand gun from his waistband in order to display it to the man working behind the counter. However, before he even knew what had hit him the boy had taken immediate action and disarmed him.
After the man removed the weapon and displayed it the boy grabbed it from the robber and simultaneously struck him in the stomach which momentarily disabled the man allowing the boy to push him outside. By the time the robber tried to re-enter the store the man behind the counter, who turns out to be the boy’s father and owner of the store, had come to his son’s aid – helping him hold the door shut and keeping the would-be robber from re-entering and making a second attempt at the robbery.
Not only was the robbery foiled but the suspect was later arrested after using the store’s surveillance tapes. You can see a couple shots of the boy’s heroic actions below.